Wed 5/20

Keeping Up With The Kolonoscopy: A Colonoscopy Reality Web Series

StopColonCancerNow.com presents a 5-week colonoscopy web series where one 50-year-old, John Grant, shares his journey of getting the recommended screening for colon cancer for the first time.

Episode 5 #gojohnnygo

The End of John’s Colonoscopy Story?

In this final episode of “Keeping up with the Kolonoscopy,” the colonoscopy is finished and John wakes up from what he calls “a great nap.”

John meets with Dr. Granda to go over his report. If the colonoscopy is normal with no indications of problems, John won’t have to be screened again for 10 years. As his wife, Mary, says about the prep and the procedure: “It’s 24 hours that could save your life.”

And the results? Watch the video for the end of the story.

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