Six Reasons Why You Should Schedule Your Colonoscopy During the Holidays this Year



The holidays are coming. Finally! It’s time to think about turkey, football, gift giving, decorating and a colonoscopy. Wait, one of these items don’t seem to fit the theme… or does it? A colonoscopy may not be what you might think of during this season, but the holidays are a perfect time for a colon screening. You may think that scheduling a colon screening may interfere with your family plans or your holiday schedule, but it may not be as inconvenient as you may think. Here are a few reasons that the holidays are actually the best time to schedule your colon screening:

  1. Most people have a day or two before and/or after a holiday. Some people will take a few days off around a holiday. You will have to miss at least one day of work for your colonoscopy. Why not schedule your procedure when you will not have to go to work the following day? Sometimes a day before or after a holiday might actually work in your favor.
  2. Your husband, wife, family member or friend may be off work as well. You will need a caregiver to drive you home from your colonoscopy because the sedation medication will still be in your system. Scheduling your colonoscopy around the holidays may prevent you and your caregiver from taking extra days off work.
  3. On your bowel prep day, there will be plenty of holiday movies to keep you entertained while you spend quality time in your pajamas near the bathroom.
  4. Holiday foods will taste even better after you have had your procedure!
  5. You will have lots of support from your friends and family who may be visiting during the holidays.
  6. Since it is the end of the year, you may have met your health care deductible. You may have very little financial responsibility for your colonoscopy, or it may be fully covered.

End the year with a commitment to good health. Scheduling a colonoscopy around the holidays will be one of the best decisions you can make. Do not delay in making your appointment, as doctors also like to take time off as well! Call your insurance provider to ask about your colonoscopy screening benefits and inquire about what your out-of-pocket cost will be. Then, you will be ready to schedule your procedure. Happy Holidays and Happy Colonoscopy!