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Colonoscopy Stories

Whether you recently turned 50, have a family history of colon cancer or atypical symptoms that led to your colonoscopy, we're thankful you scheduled the appointment. Colonoscopies are often an uncomfortable topic, but your first person account can encourage others to take this lifesaving step.

Deborah  - Monroe


from Monroe , GA

Hi, my name is Debbie and I am a 6 year survivor of colorectal cancer. My story starts back in 2010 when I was just shy of my 40th birthday.  I had been having symptoms of severe diarrhea for about 2 weeks and then had some rectal bleeding. That’s when I decided to make a visit to my PCP. She ended up doing a rectal exam. (and I later found out that she had felt a mass) She immediately sent me to a GI dr that day and he set up a colonoscopy a few days later. After I had...

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John - Pittsburgh


from Pittsburgh, PA

I am very high-risk for colon cancer and believe that getting colonoscopy exams is essential for everyone….for people at high-risk like myself they can be life-saving.  I have had numerous colonoscopies (unsedated because of severe drug allergies) and they were all pretty much painless and numerous pre-cancerous polyps were removed and follow-u exams scheduled.  No problem until I moved and the local GI docs won’t schedule an unsedated colonoscopy: they don’t care if you have the Fap gene or life-threatening reactions to colonoscopy sedation….they refuse an unsedated exam (common worldwide) because it might...

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from Baltimore, MD

My mother of 45 years old is currently battling stage 4 Colon Cancer. Here is how her abrupt story began: A few weeks before Christmas, my mother was experiencing bowel issues, and her shirts were becoming abnormally tighter. So, my father of 49 years old took her to the ER. My mom underwent scans, and come to find out she had a 12 inch tumor. So, she was emitted for surgery the following few days. My mom is anemic and her blood level was extremely low, so in order to have surgery she had 8 blood transfusions within 5 days. A week later, the doctor...

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from Florence, SC

I am the assistant sports editor for the Morning News in Florence, S.C. Here is a link to a column I wrote recently about my colon cancer “adventure.”

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from Putney, KY

I am a 65yr old male diagnosed with colon cancer on Oct. 16th, 2013. My mother died of colon cancer 7yrs ago and I had a colonoscopy every year since cause of the high risk factor due to her cancer being Lynch Syndrome and a family history of colon and breast cancer on her side. I had surgery on Nov. 19th on which the entire right side was removed along with about 4 inches of the left. Upon discovery on Oct. 16th everyone was sure they had discovered it early and would be only a small section removed. But, was stage ...

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