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Patients, survivors, friends and family say it best. The following testimonials were submitted by people whose lives have been touched by colon cancer. Whether a story of survival, a story in honor of someone who has battled this disease, or a first person account of a colonoscopy – we invite you to share your story. You can submit your story by filling out the “Tell Us Your Story” form here.

Because of the impact your story can have on colon cancer prevention, we will make a five dollar donation to The V Foundation for Cancer Research for every story submitted. Together with ESPN, famed college basketball coach, Jimmy Valvano, formed the foundation in 1993 before losing his own battle with cancer. His foundation’s focus on saving lives by finding cures for cancer is a mission that complements ours. To date, 16 grants and more than 2.2 million dollars have been awarded directly to colon cancer funding.

Just as Coach Jimmy V dreamt of finding cures for cancer, we too are a part of the fight to eliminate this disease. Thank you for sharing your story. It really can make a difference.



from Antwerpen, AL

As a gastroenterologist seeing to much CRC, I would like to share “My Wish”. It’s a recent TEDx presentation about CRC. “By sharing knowledge, we can save lives !” ow/ly/vlOFK

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Steve - Carrollton


from Carrollton, TX

I’ve been a GI nurse since 1990, and it still affects me negatively when I hear that we found colon cancer in one of our patients.  But on this occasion, it was Juan; a loving, caring, giving man, who is my wife’s uncle, my daughters godfather, and my best friend.  My heart sank when his wife told me.  I sobbed because I knew what he and his family was about to go through.  Juan and his family suffered and struggled through this very hard time with radiation treatments, chemotherapy, and surgery.  It took...

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shannon - knoxville


from knoxville, TN

When I was 24 I was in the US Navy and my biological mom called me out of the blue and tour me I needed to be checked for colon cancer.  It was extremely hereditary in that side of my family.  I had an aunt that had it and my grandfather had it.  But it wasn’t con cancer that killed them, my aunt eventually died of liver cancer and my grandfather of brain cancer.   So I went and got checked and she enough I was the next generation to have the disease.  I ended...

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from Lincoln, KS

Today I had my first colonoscopy. Although I just turned 30 I had it done because I lost my mother to stage 4 colon cancer when she was 46. The peace of mind I now have is indescribable. Everything went great and I won’t need to have another for 10 years.  I hope that if you are able to have this procedure that you don’t take that chance for granted.  I’m truly happy that I took this step and grateful for the news!

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from Lillington, NC

My doctor suggested when I turned 50 that I get a colonoscopy.  I am very healthy, always have been, so I ignored the suggestion.  3 months after my 51st birthday, I presented symptoms and went to the Emergency Room.  The hospital performed a colonoscopy and I was diagnosed with Stage 1, T2 colon cancer.  It had started to get into my colon wall but did not get into any lymph nodes.  I praise God that it was caught early and removed.  My “doctors”, All of them, tell me that it was because I am in the...

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