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How to Choose a Gastroenterologist

Choosing a qualified gastroenterologist to perform a colonoscopy, a potentially life-saving procedure, is just as important as scheduling the appointment itself. What do you need to know when selecting from a group of gastroenterologists who seem equally skilled and competent? There is one question that takes precedence among all others: “What is your adenoma detection rate?”

StopColonCancerNow gastroenterologists’ collective ADR as reported to a national GI Quality Registry is considerably higher than the goal established by leading Gastroenterology physician specialty societies. ADR stands for Adenoma Detection Rate and it is one of the national benchmarks on quality for screening colonoscopy.

An adenoma is another name for a precancerous polyp that our gastroenterologists find and remove during a colonoscopy.

According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, among patients whose doctors removed a greater number of pre-malignant polyps (adenomas), the likelihood of developing colon cancer was significantly reduced.

Our gastroenterologists are highly trained and experienced. This means they find and remove more polyps than the national average. Polyps can turn into cancer, so having a gastroenterologist who finds and removes more polyps during a colonoscopy can reduce your risk of getting colon cancer.

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