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Cost of a Colonoscopy

colonoscopy cost

Can you really put a price on a preventative procedure that has the potential to save your life? It's true, sometimes screenings can be costly and price can influence these major health care decisions. But one colon cancer screening provides a bigger bang for your buck, a colonoscopy.

Most insurance plans do cover colonoscopies, but coverage varies from plan to plan. Find out if you’re eligible for a free or reduced cost screening colonoscopy

It is the responsibility of you as the patient to determine the estimated out-of-pocket expenses associated with your colonoscopy. For more information on what questions to ask your insurance provider, please read "Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider to Determine Your Colonoscopy Cost." 

Find out if you’re eligible for a free or reduced cost screening colonoscopy

The colonoscopy is widely recognized as the gold standard when it comes to screenings for colon cancer because it can both detect and treat in the same procedure. This method of colon screening is unique because it can actually prevent colon cancer by removing polyps before they become cancerous. Other screenings only detect cancer. The recommended timeframe for a baseline colonoscopy for men and women at average risk is 50 years of age, but it could be younger depending on certain risk factors

Colon cancer is 90 percent treatable when discovered early, so a colonoscopy is the best screening method to avoid or detect colon cancer in its early stages when it can be treated most effectively. Click here to take our Free Screening Colonoscopy quiz to see if you qualify for a free or low-cost screening.