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7 Tips for Packing Healthy Lunches: A Better Alternative to Eating Out

August 25, 2016 by Keri Tidwell | posted in: Healthy Living Tips

healthy lunch

As school time rolls around again, many of us — with and without children — are ready to resume a healthy routine after the hiatus of a more relaxed summer lifestyle. Whether you have children heading back to school or are a working adult yourself, packing lunches is generally...
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Chicken Walnut Salad

I could count the ways that I like to eat chicken salad- on a croissant, between two slices of bread, in a wrap, on a...
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If You Don’t Feel Like a Nut, Maybe You Should Try Harder

When I was a kid, I would not eat anything with nuts. If a chocolate chip cookie or a coffee cake had nuts in it,...
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